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The Rabbit and Onigiri fans unite.

Momiji and Tohru community.
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Welcome to momijixtohru, the first community on livejournal dedicated to celebrating the idea of the characters, Momiji Sohma and Tohru Honda of the anime/manga series, Fruits Basket, as a couple and/or their special friendship. If you're one of the few people who are interested in joining this community to tune in on the MomijixTohru-ness, then great. Please take note of the rules first, though.


1. After joining, if you decide to post, please stay on topic. That means anything related to this couple or their friendship, such as fanfiction, drabbles, discussions, thoughts, icons, art, manga/doujinshi scans etc are permitted and anything else will be deleted (especially spam). Introduction posts are okay, though (so introduce yourselves, guys).
2. Please rate the content of what you post (ie. G, PG, etc).
3. Please use a lj-cut for long posts. This applies to artwork, also. If you're unsure as to how, please refer to lj FAQ.

That's all! Please enjoy your stay.

If you would like to apply for community affiliation, please refer to this page.

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